“Gentrify this” rolling stock

I took delivery today of a Dapol class 121 (Bubble coach) in BR blue/grey to run on the illustrated anti-gentrification train garden. I have been concidering what augmentation is required to the livery. Can’t quite make my mind up, however if you the internet would care to choose, I will happily bow to your superior taste and wisdom. It should be the most important vote you cast in the next month.


train styles

Folio Society’s Foucault’s Pendulum is published this month.


Belbo, Diotallevi and Casaubon are three editors at a Milan publishing house specialising in vanity projects. Bored with their work and jaded from reading endless manuscripts dealing with the mystical and the supernatural, they decide to amuse themselves by creating their very own conspiracy theory. Known as ‘the Plan’ – a hoax that connects the Knights Templar with other occult groups from ancient to modern times – they produce a map predicting the geographical point from which all the powers of the earth can be controlled: a point located in Paris, at Foucault’s pendulum. However, as they become increasingly obsessed with the intricacies of the Plan, real conspiracy theorists begin taking an interest, and what started as an amusing diversion soon becomes a game of life or death …


‘Brilliant, funny, encompassing everything you ever wanted to know about practically everything (including numerology, James Bond’s foes, and the construction of sewers), this book is both extraordinarily learned and well plotted’
The Sunday Times


Divided into ten segments, in reference to the ten Sefirot of the Jewish Kabbalah, this witty and intelligent novel takes the reader on a dizzying journey across the esoteric and the strange. For each segment and for the frontispiece, illustrator Neil Packer has produced an image as dense and as packed with detail as Eco’s novel. The elegant binding features a stylised rendering of the pendulum itself.


Umberto Eco was an acclaimed novelist, essayist, philosopher and literary critic. He was also an influential figure in the fields of semiotics, anthropology and the study of medieval aesthetics – an eclectic range of interests that is evident in Foucault’s joyful exploration of myriad subjects, from the Grail to New Atlantis to numerology. This edition has been produced in series with the 2001 Folio edition of The Name of the Rose.


‘An intellectual adventure story, as sensational, thrilling and packed with arcana as Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Count of Monte Cristo’
Washington Post Book World


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