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Here is some work in progress for a book I am currently working on for the Folio Society.  It is as you can see a week or so away from being finished yet, however I might try an experiment and post one a day, to see how the internet reacts to the thrilling prospect of watching paint dry.


The forged postcard project 2001






This image is from a project undertaken in the early 2000s, the idea being; to create a forged one off painting of a vintage postcard in a photorealistic style to the exact size of the original postcard. I had intended that it would be unrecognisable as an illustration unless it was subjected to close examination. To what extent I succeeded in this primary objective, I am not sure! the above is a digital scan of a colour photocopy of the original and does it less than justice, but it gives an idea at least.

The second phase of the project was to then affix a postage stamp to the reverse of the illustration, now rendered on card similar in weight to that of a picture postcard and post the illustration along with a suitable message written on the reverse to the address of the buyer of the work. The idea being that the artwork is exposed to both the elements and the rigours of the postal system, with hopefully some franking added along the way. Any damage incurred would then become a part of the art.

This particular work was bought by a client in Atlanta and mailed from a box as near to the site of Cliff House as I could find. It survived its 3 day journey intact and with disappointingly very little weathering or damage applied. Others sustained more, but eventually I stopped making them, as the stress of worrying for anything up to a week as to whether or not £3000 of uninsured artwork would reach its destination proved too much.

Arvo’s Birthday projects from previous years.

  Various CD covers for birthday goody bag stand in’s and a cake for anyone who is interested.


Recent Design Projects


Some recently completed projects for private clients.

Work in progress

Some very “old school” ink, line board and line film artwork being prepared for a binding design for The Folio Society. Due for publication next year, watch this space for more details later this year.

Folio Society Binding

Bespoke illustrated train sets

Now taking commissions for hand rendered illustrated train sets.

Hand illustrated train sets made to order, I can work to any gauge or layout. I can work to your brief or can create something special for your own requirements. They function fully as a working train set but hang on a wall as an artwork when not in use. Possibly a unique concept! I honestly have no idea, only one of mine exists at the moment. I would however be very happy to take on any new commissions. Prices negotiable upon request depending on size and complexity of the proposed design and of course budget.



The Illustrated Train Set

Labyrinths Illustrations


Illustrations From Labyrinths published by The Folio Society 2007