The Parable of the Independent Retailer

Another made up cover design for another non existent book. Conjured up in order to fill my time that used to be occupied designing real books for real publishers back in a time when they were interested in real ideas and would pay money that bore some relevance to the real world. FUCK THE PUBLISHING INDUSTRY!



Shakespeare and Company Paris

A History of the Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart

The biography of the best bookshop in the world is published this week. To order your copy now go to or wait until September when it will become available in all good independent bookshops.

I am very honoured to have contributed to the book in part, (see below) and to have got to know Krista and Sylvia and the shop during the research for the project. If you don’t know the shop then I would urge you to pay it a visit as it is emersed in literary history and alive with enthusiasm for the written word, the absolute antidote to to corporate booksellers and a reminder of how important such places are at this moment.





Artwork from Foucault,s Pendulum available to view and buy.

The artwork for The Folio Society’s new edition of Umberto Eco’s, Foucault’s Pendulum is available to view here. The artwork is also available to buy, and anyone interested in purchacing an original work should contact me at the address on my contact page.

Detail of frontis page.

Detail of frontis page.