Now available in the USA and some bookshops in the Uk


In the absence of a real living and breathing review, the following is the publishers own bullurb from the cover but at least it is reasonable accurate.


Epic and thrilling, Homer’s two age-old classics have been revisited countless times. Gillian Cross and Neil Packer’s exquisite versions of The Iliad and The Odyssey make up an essential set for both Homer collectors and readers who have not yet made the acquaintance of Odysseus, Achilles, or Hector. Depicting their actions, and those of the gods they invoke, are vivid, stylistic illustrations reminiscent of Greek pottery, giving these large-format volumes an extra measure of authenticity and appeal. From the raging battles outside the walls of Troy to the strangely surreal ten years it takes Odysseus to journey home, these bold re-envisionings of Homer’s stories are told with simplicity and style — perfect for fans of graphic retellings and mythology enthusiasts alike.

Old workplaces in Penfold Place NW1


For anyone who ever visited me and Emily in my old flat / studio.

 No 180 Penfold Place, (1984 – 1988) me on the roof 30 years ago yesterday 30 Sept 1987.



 No 55 Penfold Place, (my second  flat in the the Miles Buildings 1992 – 1996) seen here being visited by John Betjeman in a documentary about the Edgware Road  50 years ago.




And here is the adjoining courtyard in a picture from an early example of, pro- Church Street gentrification bull shit, courtesy of the guff mongers at Westminster Council c 2006.

Are you certain that we are all improved, or even still here 11 years later?




And by coincidence here is Emily in a picture also taken 30 years ago today.



Still miss you honey x