Folio Society Books





1994. I, Claudius, from the autobiography of Tiberius Claudius, Emperor of the Romans, born 10BC murdered and deified AD 54, introduction by Allan Massie, Illustrations by Neil Packer, Robert Graves.

1995. Claudius the god, and his wife Messalina, the troublesome reign of Tiberius Claudius Caesar, Emperor of the Romans (born 10 BC, died AD 54), as described by himself; also his murder at the hands of the notorious Agrippia (mother of the Emperor Nero) and his subsequent deification, as described by others. Introduction by John Mortimer, illustrations by Neil Packer, Robert Graves.

2001. The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco, translated from the Italian by William Weaver, illustrated by Neil Packer.

2002. The Silk Road. Frances Wood, binding design by Neil Packer.

2002. Scenes of medieval life, Joseph and Frances Giles, preface by Judith Herrin, 3 vols binding design by Neil Packer.

2003. Byzantium, John Julius Norwich, 3 vols, binding design by Neil Packer.

2003. Satyrica, Petronius Arbiter, a new translation by Frederick Raphael, Illustrated by Neil Packer.

2003. The Arabian nights, the book of the thousand nights and one night, illustrations by Neil Packer.

2004. An eyewitness history of the crusades, edited and introduced by Christopher Tyerman, binding design by Neil Packer.

2004. Catch 22, Joseph Heller, introduction by Malcolm Bradbury, illustrations by Neil Packer.

2005. Lives of the Mongol warlords, 3 vols, Leo de Hartog, Morris Rossabi, Beatrice Forbes Manz, binding design by Neil Packer.

2005. The complete tales of Hans Christian Andersen, translated by Jean Hersholt, preface by Brian Alderson, with illustrations by numerous artists, 2 vols.

2005. The spice route, John Keay, binding design by Neil Packer.

2006. One hundred years of solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, translated from the Spanish by Gregory Rabassa, Illustrated by Neil Packer.

2006. The rise and fall of the medieval monastery, Christopher Burke, binding design by Neil Packer.

2006. Charlemagne, father of a continent, Alessandro Barbero, translated by Allan Cameron, binding design by Neil Packer.

2007,  Labyrinths, Jorge Luis Borges, selected short stories and other writings, Introduction by Adam Feinstein, forward by Andre Maurois, illustrations by Neil Packer.

2008. The secret life of trees, how they live and why they matter, Colin Tudge, binding design by Neil Packer.

2008. Perfume, the story of a murder, Patrick Suskind, translated by John E Woods, binding design by Neil Packer.

2010. Bede, History of the English church and people, translated by Leo Sherley-Price, revised by R. E. Latham, introduced by Melvyn Bragg, binding by Neil Packer.

2015. The Herefordshire Pomona, a limited facsimile edition, from a comprehensive study of apples and pears grown in britain in the 19th century. Reproduced from a rare printing of the pomona published in the 1880s. Binding designs by Neil Packer.

2016. Foucault’s Pendulum, Umberto Eco, translated by William Weaver, a companion to The Name of the Rose 2001 illustrated by Neil Packer.

2016. The Bayeux Tapestry, a comprehensive study of one of history’s most celebrated artefacts. Carola Hicks and Sylvette Lemagen. Binding design by Neil Packer.